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January 8, 2024

2024 Council Election Results

Governing Board

The following individuals were elected to the Governing Board:

Vice President for Outreach and Education

Jen Thum, Term 1 (2024-2026)


James Jansson, Term 1 (2024-2027)

General Trustees

David Ackert, Term 1 (2024-2027)

Jane Botsford Johnson, Term 2 (2024-2027)

Jay Conger, Term 2 (2024-2027)

Julie Herzig Desnick, Term 1 (2024-2027)

Michele Kidwell Gilbert, Term 1 (2024-2027)

Jo Anne Van Tilburg, Term 1 (2024-2027)

Academic Trustees

Alexandra Jones, Term 2 (2024-2027)

Joanne Murphy, Term 1 (2022-2025)

Monica Smith, Term 2 (2024-2027)

Society Trustees

Joost Blom, Term 2 (2024-2027)

Andrew L. Goldman, Term 1 (2024-2027)

Thank you to Katie Petrole for running for election as Vice President for Outreach and Education.

Thank you to Ken Lapatin for running for election as Academic Trustee.

Thank you to Heidi James Fisher for running for election as Society Trustee.

The AIA expresses its gratitude and appreciation to the following individuals who completed their service on the Governing Board this year.

  • David Adam, Treasurer.
  • Thomas Carpenter, General Trustee.
  • Joshua Gates, General Trustee.
  • Elizabeth M. Greene, Academic Trustee.
  • Gary Linn, Society Trustee.
  • Elizabeth Macauley, General Trustee.
  • Paula Paster Michtom, General Trustee.
  • Laura Rich, Vice President of Outreach and Education.
  • Maria Vechiotti, General Trustee.

Nominating Committee

The following individuals were elected to the 2024 Nominating Committee:


Elie Abemayor, Term 1

Susan Alcock, Term 1

Deborah Arnold, Term 2

Elizabeth M. Greene, Term 1

Richard Leventhal, Term 1

Claire Lyons, Term 2

Thank you to Andrea DeGiorgi, Michael Galaty, Andrea Kmetz-Sheehy, and John Yarmick for running for election to the Nominating Committee.

The AIA wishes to extend its sincere thanks to the 2023 Nominating Committee, chaired by Sebastian Heath, for its hard work in assembling an excellence slate of nominees. The 2023 Nominating Committee included Deborah Arnold, Lawrence Cripe, SeungJung Kim, Claire Lyons, and Patrick Suehnholz.

Corresponding Members

The following individuals were elected as Corresponding Members of the AIA:

Pangiotis Karkanas
Director of the Malcolm H. Weiner Laboratory for Archaeological Science,
American School of Classical Studies in Athens, Greece

Irene Lemos
Professor of Classical Archaeology, Fellow of Merton College, University of Oxford

Leonardo López Luján
Archaeologist, Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia (INAH), Mexico

Petranka Nedelcheva
Senior Assistant Professor of Archaeology and Head of Exhibitions and International Department, New Bulgarian University and Bulgarian National Museum of History

Henry Tantalean
Professor/Director, Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos, Peru

Natalia Vogeikoff-Brogan
Archivist, American School of Classical Studies at Athens, Greece

The AIA wishes to extend its sincerest thanks to the 2023 Corresponding Members Committee, chaired by Thomas Carpenter, for their hard work in assembling this year’s slate of nominees. The Corresponding Members Committee included Sebastian Heath, Charles Jones, Lauren Petersen, Paul Scotton, and Jo Anne Van Tilburg.

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