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January 8, 2024

Changes to the AIA Regulations

Changes to the AIA Regulations

At its Annual Meeting on Saturday, January 6, 2024, the AIA Council voted to update the following sections of the AIA Regulations:

Article VII, Section 3: The Executive Committee

New Wording (changes in bold):

The Executive Committee shall have 13 (thirteen) members: the President, First Vice-President, Vice-President for Cultural Heritage, Vice-President for Research and Academic Affairs, Vice-President for Outreach and Education, Vice-President for Societies, Treasurer, Executive Director (all of whom shall serve ex officio with voting privileges), the Chair (or one of two co-chairs) of the Development Committee, and four Trustees, at least one of whom must be an Academic Trustee. These Trustees will be appointed to the Executive Committee by the President on an annual basis.

Rationale: To be most effective, the AIA must engage in developing and maintaining a culture of giving. As such, the Board and Development Committee must work together to ensure the proper management of donors and prospects and to ensure contributed income goals (which comprise close to 30% of the AIA’s annual revenue) are met each fiscal year. Accordingly, the Chair or Co-Chairs of the Development Committee play(s) a crucial role in ensuring that the contributed revenue needs are met each fiscal year. Including them in the Executive Committee ensures seamless communication and collaboration to ensure the fiscal health and future of the organization.

View the full AIA Regulations here.

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