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March 1, 2019

A Call for Nominations to the AIA Governing Board

Dear AIA Members:


My name is Carla Antonaccio, and I am writing to you as chair of the Nominating Committee to invite your help in identifying potential candidates for open positions on the AIA Governing Board (GB). Other members of the Nominating Committee are James Jansson, Barbara Meyer, Thomas Morton, and Charles Steinmetz. Please feel free to contact them as well with your suggestions.


The NC is collecting names of potential candidates for the following positions, with terms starting in January 2020:


First Vice-President: two nominees


Vice-President for Outreach and Education: two nominees


General Trustee: one nominee (may run unopposed)


Academic Trustee (1): two nominees


Academic Trustee (2): two nominees


I invite you to suggest people you think would serve the AIA Governing Board well. The ideal member is deeply interested in and informed about archaeology, willing and available to participate in governance, and has a commitment to the fundraising needs of the institution; and this includes yourself if you think you would like to serve the AIA at this level.


Please write to me at with any suggestions before April 1, 2019. With your nomination, please provide the nominee’s email address and a few sentences explaining why you think that person might be a good AIA GB member. The NC will consider all suggestions, but our role is to vet and select the requisite candidates for the ballot. If you speak to a potential candidate, please make it clear that your inquiry is informal, and does not guarantee a spot on the ballot or election to the position, but to ascertain that they are willing to serve.


Thank you for your help with this process.




Carla Antonaccio


Chair, AIA Nominating Committee


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