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October 16, 2014

A workshop that we recommend: “Thinking Outside the Box: Alternative Careers in Academia”

Session 8F will be held during the Sunday, January 11th mid-day block. 

Curious about where an advanced degree in archaeology might lead you? Securing a full-time tenured faculty position is a time-intensive process and a difficult goal to achieve in today’s academic job market. Alternate academic careers can be found in the form of academic advising, program and curriculum development, and work in academic libraries. Outside the university setting, alternate academic careers exist in international organizations and nonprofits, publishing, and funding and cultural heritage agencies.

At the “Thinking Outside the Box: Alternative Careers in Academia” workshop, panelists will draw on their personal experiences and offer advice to students and recent Ph.D.s on how to prepare for alternative careers and how to remain engaged in current research and professional opportunities.

To learn more about the speakers in this workshop please click on the highlighted links below and to see their list of publications.

Moderators: Maryl B. Gensheimer, University of MarylandMegan J. Daniels, Stanford University, and Sabrina Higgins, University of Ottawa

PANELISTS: Michelle Berenfeld, Pitzer CollegeScott Pentzer, Tulane UniversityLaurie Rush, U.S. ArmyPeter Schertz, Virginia Museum of Fine ArtsGary Talarchuk, Tulane University, and Sheila Winchester, University of Texas at Austin

Click here to listen to a recent webcast by Peter Schertz, curator of ancient art at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, where he discusses a “recent study of the larger than life-size statue of the emperor Gaius, better known as Caligula (“little boot”) that resides at the VMFA.” 

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