September 7, 2012

AIA Emphasizes Support for Protection of Cultural Property and U.S. Committee of the Blue Shield’s Position on Syria’s Cultural Heritage

The AIA reiterates its support of the U.S. Committee of the Blue Shield’s statement (released August 24, 2012) on the importance of protecting the cultural heritage of Syria during the current armed conflict. The AIA initially issued its message of support on August 28; see for more information.

The Blue Shield statement reads in part:

“The cultural heritage of Syria is among the most valuable in the world, spanning from the beginnings of

civilization through the Roman, Crusader, Medieval Islamic and Ottoman periods. It is the duty of all nations

and all people to protect and preserve this heritage for future generations. It is particularly the responsibility ofboth the Syrian regime and the rebel forces to honor international law and the interests of the Syrian people in preserving their shared cultural heritage.”

To read the complete US Blue Shield Statement on Syrian Heritage, visit

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