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December 6, 2013

AIA Vision Statement Announced

From the President of the AIA

Archaeology is a dynamic discipline that touches all our lives.  More and more, it is a multi-disciplinary and technical endeavor that is evolving rapidly. The Archaeological Institute of America promotes the study of the human past in all its aspects and spreads the word about new discoveries. As we look to the future, we need a vision for the AIA that will challenge and inspire us all as well as provide guidance for the leadership of the AIA.

A Vision Task Force has, at my request, created just such a document. Under the heading “Explore the past, inform the present, inspire the future,” the new Vision Statement presents an uplifting look at future directions for archaeology and the AIA. It is accompanied by a set of values that captures the essence of what archaeology is about and how it should be conducted.

I am delighted to share the new Vision and Values statements with you.

Elizabeth Bartman



View the Vision and Value Statements



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