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December 23, 2020

2021 Annual Meeting Session Highlight: AIA Gold Medal Symposium

The 2021 Annual Meeting is just two weeks away. Don’t miss out on the AIA Gold Medal Symposium Honoring the Career of Prof. Katherine M. D. Dunbabin. This session celebrates the ongoing career of Katherine M. D. Dunbabin and mosiacs as a major category of ancient art.  

Perhaps best known for her work in mosaic studies, Dunbabin was a prominent leader in the second generation of mosaic scholars in the 1970s. By focusing on both physical and conceptual characteristics of mosaics, Dunbabin elevated the discourse to a higher standard; she gave scholars opportunities to see interactions among objects, patrons, artists/craftsmen, and audiences. This resulted in an expansion of mosaic studies such that there are now third and fourth generations of scholars engaging in this research.

The symposium includes a series of presentations that support those two fundamental goals in a variety of ways. Topics of these papers range from establishing Katherine Dunbabin’s place as a leader in the second generation of mosaic scholars, to presenting new discoveries from the fourth generation of North American mosaic scholars and highlighting their important work.

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