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July 29, 2021

Archaeology Reaching out Across the Atlantic

The Council for British Archaeology (CBA) and the Archaeological Institute of America (AIA) are working together to promote archaeology, public participation and understanding.

AIA Executive Director Rebecca King and CBA Executive Director Neil Redfern tell us more about the history of their organizations and how this collaborative approach has developed. Visit the Council for British Archaeology’s “A Day in Archaeology” Festival website to read more.

AIA Staff Contribute Blogs to A Day In Archaeology

As part of our collaboration, six AIA staff members participated in A Day In Archaeology as part of the Council for British Archaeology’s annual Festival of Archaeology. A Day in Archaeology is a blogging event where contributors provide brief snapshots of what it is like to work in the field of archaeology to highlight the diverse array of opportunities available.

This year’s AIA lineup includes:

Leading the AIA Connects to the Curious Kid in Me by Rebecca King, AIA Executive Director
Organizing the AIA Annual Meeting by Kevin Mullen, AIA Director of Marketing and Professional Services
Presenting, Supporting, and Celebrating Archaeology by Ben Thomas, AIA Director of Programs
Archaeology Day: Three Months Out by Meredith Langlitz, AIA Programs Manager
Liking and Sharing Archaeology by Angela McNamara, AIA Marketing and Communications Coordinator
A Day in the Membership Department at the Archaeological Institute of America by Sarah Smith, AIA Membership and AJA Fulfillment Coordinator

We hope you enjoy reading about what we do and hope you will also enjoy exploring the many other blogs submitted as part of the CBA’s A Day in Archaeology event.

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