IAD Build Your Own Monument Challenge 2020

Giza Entry 34725

Submitted by Ben Boro

The entire Beeramid complex consists of 250 empty beer cans, of 12 oz, 16 oz, and 19.2 oz sizes. The majority of the materials are locally sourced from Oregon, Washington, and California breweries, but some materials are sourced as far away as Wisconsin and Mexico.
The tallest Beeramid, measures three 12 oz cans tall at its peak, and nine cans across at the base, constructed of 107 cans.
Standing slightly shorter, at two 16 oz cans tall, the second Beeramid structure also measures 9 cans across at the base, but is made from 117 cans.
At two 12 oz cans in height, the smallest of the Beeramids is 5 cans across at the base, constructed from 16 cans.

Portland, Oregon, United States

Category: Adults

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