Helpful Links for Job-Seekers in Classical Archaeology

A compilation of resources on the internet for those seeking jobs in higher education in the field of classical archaeology.
by Elizabeth Colantoni, Intercollegiate Center for Classical Studies—Rome

Chronicle of Higher Education
The Chronicle of Higher Education website provides a number of resources for job candidates in all fields of higher education. Links of particular interest on the Chronicle of Higher Education website:

  • Job Listings
    Listings of position openings are updated continually. Openings in the field of Classical archaeology can often be found listed under Art History, Classics, or Anthropology/Archaeology.
  • Advice Columns and First-Person Narratives
    The Chronicle of Higher Education publishes a number of helpful advice columns and first-person accounts for jobseekers and those navigating the transition from graduate school to the professorate.
  • Forums
    The Chronicle of Higher Education sponsors a range of discussion boards, including several that are of interest to academic job-seekers. This is a good place to get advice anonymously on just about any vexing issue encountered in the academic job search.

Famae Volent: An Interactive Website Devoted to the Classics and Archaeology Job Market
This is another discussion board about the academic job market, in this case devoted entirely to discussion about job searches in the fields of Classics and archaeology.

Places to find academic job postings in Classical archaeology and related fields

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