Meet the Team: Zominthos, Crete

Georgia Kotzamani

Georgia Kotzamani is currently employed as a contract archaeologist-archaeobotanist at the Ephoreia of Palaeoanthropology and Speleology of Southern Greece, Hellenic Ministry of Culture. She holds a BA in history and archaeology (University of Thessaloniki, Greece), an MSc in environmental archaeology and palaeoeconomy (University of Sheffiled U.K.), and is completing her PhD at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki on the following subject: “From gathering to cultivation: archaeobotanical investigation of the early stages of plant exploitation and the beginnings of agriculture in Greece.”
She has worked on various excavation projects in Greece and Italy, and has undertaken the archaeobotanical analysis of different archaeological sites in the Greek territory. Her archaeobotanical work in Crete involves, apart from Zominthos, the sites of Aghia Fotia, Kephala Petras, and Priniatikos Pyrgos in the area of Lasithi. She has received study and research fellowships and grants by the Greek State Scholarship Foundation, The British School at Athens, the European Science Foundation, and the European Union. Her main research interests include the following topics: plant domestication and the beginnings of agricultural systems, hunter-gatherer and early agricultural plant exploitation strategies, palaeoehtnobotany and the uses of wild and cultivated plants, and prehistoric and early historic economic archaeology. She has numerous publications in these fields.

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