Meet the Team: Zominthos, Crete

Konstantinos Sarantidis

Konstantinos Sarantidis is a graduate of the department of History and Archaeology of the University of Athens and postgraduate student in the ‘Protection of Monuments, Sites and Complexes’ at the National Technical University in Athens. He has participated in numerous excavations and recordings, including Xombourgo in Tinos, Plaka in Athens, the City of Rhodes and Kastraki in Agathonisi. He has also received a scholarship from the Municipality of Hymettus and Lentakis Foundation for his performance. He has worked in excavations in Nisyros and Leipsous at Dodecanese, as well as educational programmes at the New Acropolis Museum and the University of Athens. His research interests are related to the roofing techniques in antiquity and especially Late Antiquity in the Dodecanese.

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