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December 26, 2014

Digital data management workshop offered on Thursday before the AM Public Lecture- Open to all.

The Workshop entitled “Caring for Your Once and Future Data:  Guidelines for the Curation of Digital Archaeological Data”  will be presented before the Public Lecture on Thursday, from  4:00 – 5:00p.m. in the Gallery meeting space located on the lobby level of the Sheraton. Below, you will find some useful information about the workshop organized by Francis P. McManamon, Ph.D., RPA  Executive Director/Research Professor from the Center for Digital Antiquity.


Background information related to the Workshop

Archaeology today relies heavily on digital data: photographs taken in the field, GIS information, analytical and descriptive data sets, project reports, etc. This is in addition to an existing, underutilized backlog of archaeological information. Without a well thought-out approach to data management, important information will be overlooked or lost because it is forgotten, misplaced or damaged. Good digital data management requires attention to the means of data storage, aspects of archiving data, how data are to be preserved, and the curation of data so that is discoverable, accessible and usable. This workshop will to introduce participants to the background of data management, how good data management is organized, and tools and methods that they can integrate into their existing project and research workflows to ensure good management of digital data.


1.       What is the purpose of the workshop?

“The workshop will introduce participants to the importance of effective and efficient management for digital archaeological data.  We then will describe good principles and practices of data management using four interrelated aspects of data management:  Storage, Archiving, Preservation, and Curation.”

Finally, we will describe how good digital data management can improve archaeological research and resource management in general and benefit individual archaeologists in their careers.

2.       Who would benefit from the workshop?

“The workshop would benefit Principal Investigators and other archaeologists managing projects, as well as other curators and archaeological researchers.  It would be useful to archaeologists working in heritage management positions, government agencies, and academic positions that involve training of potential professionals.  The information provided will be relevant and of use in their day-to-day and longer-term professional activities.  Any archaeologist or related professional who works with digital archaeological information will benefit from the workshop.”

3.       What would participants expect to take away from the workshop?

“The workshop will enable participants to: 1) identify good digital data management practice as it relates to the topics of data storage, data archiving, long-term preservation, and the access and reuse of digital data; 2) produce a data management plan for a current or future projects; and 3) to identify and use the many tools, applications and websites available to help manage and curate digital archaeological data.”





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