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Cesnola Lecture on Cyprus

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Topic: Cyprus

Preferred Topic: excavations of sites from the Roman period or earlier or history of archaeology in Cyprus

Luigi Palma de Cesnola made an extensive collection of ancient materials on Cyprus and these became the basis for the Metropolitan Museum’s collection and those of many other museums in the U.S.

In 1998 the lectures were established in honor of three individuals:

  • John L. Myres. His preparation of the Handbook of the Cesnola Collection not only describes the collection in the Metropolitan Museum, but also became the basis for Cypriot studies.
  • Olivier Masson. His research into 19th century archaeology on Cyprus did much to clarify Cesnola’s role.
  • Vassos Karageorghis. His reinstallation of the Cesnola Collection in the Metropolitan Museum returned this collection to where it can be viewed and appreciated.

The topics of the Cesnola Lectures relate to all aspects of archaeology in (or related to) Cyprus. Preference is given to coverage of any excavations of sites dating up through the Roman period or to the discussion of aspects of the history of archaeology in Cyprus.

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