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George H. Forsyth, Jr. Memorial Lectures

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Topic: Middle Ages

A special lecture series in memory of George H. Forsyth, Jr. was established as part of the Archaeological Institute of America’s National Lecture Program.

George H. Forsyth, Jr. was Professor of Fine Arts and Director of the Kelsey Museum of Ancient and Medieval Archaeology at the University of Michigan. His archaeological career extended from his early work, during the 1930s, while at Princeton University, as Field Director of excavations at the Church of Saint Martin in Angers, France, to his service as Field Director of the archaeological expeditions at Justinian’s Monastery at Mount Sinai, Egypt, while at the University of Michigan. The Sinai expeditions were later sponsored by the University of Michigan, Princeton University, and the University of Alexandria.

The Forsyth Lecture Series includes three annual lectures on topics pertaining to medieval archaeology. The scope of the series is very broadly construed to encompass archaeological research dealing with the Middle Ages in all parts of the Post-Classical world. In addition, the series may include lectures on the history of medieval art, architecture, and other aspects of humanities that will contribute insights clarifying the pre-modern period. All of the Institute’s local societies are eligible to receive Forsyth lectures.

The George H. Forsyth, Jr. Memorial Lectures were established to honor Forsyth’s memory and his vision of an archaeological range that embraces both western and eastern reaches of the Mediterranean world.

Past Forsyth Lecturers
2002/2003 Robert Ousterhout

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