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CANCELED – Grassroots Resource Preservation and Management in Kyrgyzstan: Ethnicity, Nationalism and Heritage on a Human Scale

CANCELED – Royal Courts, Hierarchy, and Change: Monumental Perspectives on the Classic Maya Political Community

CANCELED – An Ancient Remedy: The Intersection of Archaeology, Folklore, and Health in Ireland

CANCELED – Ancient Harbors of the Eastern Mediterranean


WEBINAR: Prostitution in the Immor(t)al City: Investigating Pompeii’s Brothels

CANCELED – Ancestors, Warriors, Looters: Aidonia and the TAPHOS Project


CANCELED – Riverside Lecture (TBA)

CANCELED – Reconstructing and Firing a Greek Kiln: a Project in Experimental Archaeology

CANCELED – Magellan’s Pacific Crossing: New Discoveries in One of the World’s Greatest Voyages

CANCELED – Gladiators at Pompeii: Roman Spectacle in a Small Town

CANCELED – The Roman Retail Revolution

CANCELED – Missing the Boat: Ancient Dugout Canoes in the Mississippi-Missouri Watershed

CANCELED – Cincinnati Lecture 2 (TBA)

CANCELED – Beyond the facades: Exploring the Dead at Petra, Jordan

CANCELED – Who’s your Mummy? Mummification as a Business in Late and Roman Period Egypt

CANCELED – Narragansett (Providence) Lecture (TBA)

CANCELED – World War II on America’s Doorstep! U-boats Off the Mid-Atlantic Coast

CANCELED – Ruined Gardens of Babylon: Dark Ecology and Heritage Politics in the Middle East

CANCELED – Charlottesville Lecture 2 (TBA)

CANCELED – Commerce in Color: the economy of Roman pigment shops

WEBINAR: Roman Gladiators: Killing Machines? Fact and Fiction


CANCELED – An Archaeology of the Bronze Age Senses: the tastes, smells and colors of new finds from east Cretan excavations

CANCELED – Graecia capta and the Denarius in Greece

CANCELED – Chryssi Island and the archaeology of a maritime community at the southern edge of the Minoan world

Hopewellians in a Non-Hopewellian World: The rise of elaborate ceremonialism and long range interaction in precontact northern Ohio

Nubian Queen: How an Ancient African Kingdom Became a Symbol of Feminine Power and Visa Versa

Popol Vuh – The Dawn of Life

WEBINAR: Street Theater: A Pompeian Neighborhood in Five Acts

Excavation Photographs and the Imagined World of Pompeii’s Streets

CANCELED – Twenty Years on Crete: The Impact of the INSTAP Study Center

Gladys Callahan Vocci Justice Lecture

CANCELED – The End of Teotihuacan: Perspectives on Collapse and Regeneration from Beyond the Ancient Metropolis

Travis Rupp, MA, University of Colorado, Boulder

In the Footsteps of King David

CANCELED – Discourses on Empire: Roman Baths Here, There, and Everywhere

CANCELED – 21st Century Tools for Studying Ice Age Art

CANCELED – Castle Craig: Classicist to the Rescue


WEBINAR: Living with the dead: Urbanism in the Suburbs of Pompeii

CANCELED – The Minoan House of the Frescoes at Knossos: the life and afterlife of an excavation


POSTPONED: Excavating Schnaderbeck’s Lager Cellar, Brooklyn

Diversity and Domination at the Roman Dinner Table


WEBINAR: Humans as artifacts: inventing and displaying Pompeian body casts

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