New Books by AIA Members

List and brief description of recent and forthcoming books authored by the AIA membership.

by Sinclair Bell and Helen Nagy, eds.
University of Wisconsin Press (May 2009)
This impressive collection brings to light the works of international scholars, some previously unavailable to an English-language audience. With new information and assessments about the art, architecture, and archaeology of one of the most...
by Matthew P. Canepa
Washington D.C.: Smithsonian Inst. [published as Ars Orientalis 38] (September 2010)
Ars Orientalis 38. Washington D.C.: Freer Gallery of Art, Smithsonian Inst., 2010. SCHOLARSHIP ON THE VISUAL CULTURES of ancient and early medieval Eurasia has recently benefited from art history’s renewed interest in questions...
by Lisa C. Nevett
Cambridge University Press (September 2010)
Housing is shaped by culturally-specific expectations about the kinds of architecture and furnishings that are appropriate; about how and where different activities should be carried out; and by and with whom. It is those expectations, and the...
by Nicola Terrenato and Donald Haggis (edd.)
Oxbow Books (September 2010)
This volume collects 14 papers on the process of state formation in the Aegean and in Italy. Based on a conference held at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 2003, this collection of essays offers an up-to-date and comprehensive...
by Leslie Preston Day, Nancy L. Klein, and Lee Ann Turner
INSTAP Academic Press (September 2009)
This volume is the second in the series of final reports on the work of the Kavousi Project and the first volume on the cleaning (1982–1984) and excavations (1987–1992) at the mountain sites located above the modern village of Kavousi...