2024 Pistiros, Bulgaria: Photogrammetry

Location: Pistiros Bulgaria

Season: August 18, 2024 to August 24, 2024

Session Dates: Single Session

Deadline Type: Rolling


Discount for AIA members: None

Program Type:
Field School

RPA Certified:

Center for Field Sciences, Balkan Heritage Foundation (Bulgaria), Queen's University (Canada)

Project Director:
Dr. Angela Pencheva, Balkan Heritage Foundation & Ms. Kristen Jones, Queen's University (Canada)

Project Description:

This is an introductory program designed for professionals and students who wish to learn the basics of Photogrammetry. Photogrammetry is the art, science, and technology of obtaining reliable information about physical objects and the environment through processes of recording, measuring, and interpreting photographic images and patterns of recorded radiant electromagnetic energy. This program will expose students to data collection using Total Station, aerial Photogrammetry, Object Photogrammetry, and the use of Agisoft Metashape software to render and study the results.

This field schools will use the site of Pistiros – an Ancient Greek trade center (emporium) in the heart of Thrace – as the case study for training purposes. Notwithstanding the above, this program is not limited to archaeologists. Architects, Urban Planners, Geologists, Geographers, and a broad range of other professionals using photogrammetry are welcome to attend.
While short, this program provides all the necessary tools for professionals and students to record, render and interpret spatial and photographic data. Graduates will be able to understand concepts, operate tools and build objects and landscapes using data acquired through the different instruments used.

Period(s) of Occupation: Roman archaeology

Tuition cost is $2,680 including room & board and 1 semester credit unit

Project Size: 1-24 participants

Minimum Length of Stay for Volunteers: Full session

Minimum Age: 18 years old

Experience Required: There are no prerequisites for participation in this field school. Note that field photogrammetry work is done in the open, where students are exposed to the elements. You must be physically fit to move around in the heat and humidity throughout the day. Students will be taught how to use a variety of photogrammetry procedures and equipment – from Total Station to drones. Work is slow and may be tedious. It requires patience and focus.

Room and Board Arrangements:
Accommodation will be at the at Villa Terres hotel, a modern winery and hotel complex. Rooms are with two to three beds (bathrooms with shower and WC), equipped with AC & TV. The hotel has a small swimming pool and SPA, free of charge to participants of the field school. Cheap laundry services and free Wi-Fi is provided. The region is known for its wines and drinking age in Bulgaria is 18. Do note, however, that public intoxication is frown upon in Bulgaria and is not welcomed at this project. Three meals per day of fresh, organic Bulgarian homemade food are covered by the tuition for this program. Meals usually take place at the hotel’s restaurant. Requests for vegetarian food are accepted. Brown-bag lunches will be provided for excursions. Participants are welcome to stay longer and enjoy the Villa Terres hotel, its amenities, and the surrounding wine country. Please communicate with the program directors about extending your stay at the hotel.

Academic Credit:
1 Semester Credit unit from Culver-Stockton College, our School of Record

Contact Information:

Dorian Chee

Los Angeles CA

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