Gotland Archaeological Field School

This listing expired on April 15, 2020. Please contact for any updated information.

Location: Hemse, Sweden

Season: July 13, 2020 to August 7, 2020

Application Deadline: March 15, 2020

Deadline Type: Exact Date


Program Type:
Field School

RPA Certified:

Arendus AB and Gotland Folkhögskola

Project Director:
Dan Carlsson, Ph.D.

Project Description:

This year, Gotland Archaeological Field School will be continuing excavations at an Iron Age site on the southeastern coast of Gotland, Sweden. The 2018 and 2019 excavations focused on an ancient fortification, which contains a grave field used during the Viking Age through the Early Medieval Period, and a cluster of building foundations, where ceremonial deposits from the Vendel Period were found. The 2020 field course will focus on a number of registered graves on the perimeters of the site with hopes to secure dating and connect the ancient monuments to one another in chronology and functionality.

Period(s) of Occupation: Viking Age, Iron Age, Middle Ages

Field school for those interested in Viking Age Sweden.

Project Size: 1-24 participants

Minimum Length of Stay for Volunteers: 4 weeks

Minimum Age: 18

Experience Required: No previous field experience required. We primarily cater to university students, but only require that applicants be genuinely interested in archaeology and Scandinavian prehistory.

Room and Board Arrangements:
Full board at Gotland Folk High School in Hemse includes lodging in a double room and three meals per day including weekends. Cost: 2,850.00 USD

Academic Credit:
The field course is not affiliated with any university and therefore cannot provide academic credit.

Contact Information:

Lauren Bokor

Färjeleden 5


621 58


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