La Via Dei Monti Lariani Landscape Survey 2018

This listing expired on June 15, 2018. Please contact for any updated information.

Location: Sorico, Lake Como, IT

Season: May 1, 2018 to June 30, 2018

Session Dates: The months of May and June.

Application Deadline: May 1, 2018

Deadline Type: Contact for details

Program Type:
Field school, Volunteer

RPA Certified:

La Via Dei Monti Lariani Landscape Survey

Project Director:
David Swan BSc hons (archaeology)

Project Description:

La Via dei Monti Lariani Landscape Survey is a joint Scottish/ Greek expedition and has been designed to record any surving structures dating from the early medieval to the post-medieval that are loacted along and around this pathway as well as a walk-over survey to record any previously unknown sites.

The route consists of old tracks which cross the lower reaches of the mountains on the west side of Lake Como which were used, and still are, by local people to reach the Alpine pastures. The path is based on old Roman route-ways, medieval mule tracks and on roughly paved miltary roads constructed during the First World War.

This survey introduces students and volunteers to Standing Build Recording Techniques comprising the identification of structures, plane table survey employing alidade and clinometer, measured and elevation drawing, written and photographic documentation and prismatic compass amd walk-over survey.

The first stage of the survey will concentrate on the northern most section of La Via dei Monti Lariani at the town of Sorico, Lake Como, Italy in order to record early medieval structures and features related to a local Saint, San Miro, who died at Sorico in 1381. These include the San Miro Grotto, and Chiese di San Miro, an 11th century Church re-dedicated to Miro in the 15th century.

A surveywill also be undertaken of the ruins of the Castello di San Georgio, an 11th century fortress located on high ground to the rear of Sorico.

In addition, it is planned to undertake a walk-over survey of the immediate area to document any previously unknown structures and potential archaeological sites and features.

Preliminary investigation has revealed numerous abandoned post-medieval structures and settlements which will also be recorded.

Tuition in Archaeological Illustration will also be given by our professional illustrator.

Period(s) of Occupation: Early Medieval - Post Medieval

This field school gives a unique opportunity to gain experience from professional field archaeologists, surveyors and illustrators with 20 + years of continual experience in the field. The field school is relaxed and individuals will work at their own pace and hopefully find a niche during training which they find comfortable, informative and fun. Of course we want each team member to benefit from all aspects of the survey school and hope that each team member will compile a portfolio of each segment of the survey. For any further information contact David Swan

Project Size: 1-24 participants

Minimum Length of Stay for Volunteers: Ten days.

Minimum Age: 18

Experience Required: Places on the team are available to students, both beginner and advanced, and volunteers interested in Archaeological Field Practices, Archaeology, History, Religion, Architecture and Illustration.

Room and Board Arrangements:
1) Accomodation: Team members will be housed on a family run, friendly campsite in the town of Sorico, Lake Como, Italy. The accomodation is located on the shore front at the north end of Lake Como and is a gentle 10 minute walk to the start of the survey. Shared caravans which sleep 4 are provided in the fees. These are modest but comfortable. There is space to pitch tents if preferred. In the town there are five family run hotels which can be booked by team members at their own cost. The campsite has modern shower and toilet blocks and a facility to wash clothes. In the town there are 14 restraunts and bars. 2) Meals: Meals are provided in the fees for five days of the week as it is assumed that team members would like to explore the local area on days off, although there will be plenty of time to do this at days end. If you choose to spend a lazy day off at the campsite we wont let you go hungry. Como is 60 km to the south and easily reached by public transport. A large number of charming towns and villages dot the lake side en-route and cycle hire is available locally. Milan is only one hour away by train and a day trip is strongly advised. Meals consist of communal breakfast, lunch and dinner and will cosist mainly of traditional Italian and Greek recipes. Any food allergies and food preferences (vegetarian, etc) should be informed. Cost: 1) General Costs: The fees amount to £650 (UK Sterling) per person for 14 days, £800 (UK Sterling) per person for one month. This will cover accommodation, meals and all training. Flights are not included. A non-refundable 50 % deposit is required within two weeks of the start of the survey field school to secure a place on the team. 2) Insurance: It is mandatory that all team members arrange their own travel and health insurance before commencment of the survey field school.

Academic Credit:
1) Credits: We do not provide special accreditation as we are not affiliated to any one university, however we will assess all team members individually and are happy to liaise with your university to enable credits. 2) Archaeological Skills Passport: For students and volunteers alike we would recommend the usage of the Archaeological Skills Passport as a record of actual training. This is extremely useful during early steps towards a career as a Field Archaeologist as an undergraduate or volunteer. This passport has been designed to document the main skills required to gain employment in the archaeology sector and for membership of a professional organisation such as the Institute for Archaeology (IfA). credits offered by N/A. Tuition: will be given for every aspect of the survey..

Contact Information:

David Swan BSc hons (archaeology)

3 Glanderston Drive, Knightswood


G13 3UB

Scotland, United Kingdom

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