Valle Gianni Field School

Location: 01010 Gradoli, VT, Italy

Season: May 18, 2024 to June 16, 2024

Application Deadline: February 2, 2024

Deadline Type: Contact for Details


Program Type:
Field School

RPA Certified:

Illinois State University

Project Director:
Lea Cline and Kathryn Jasper

Project Description:

This project concerns the site of Valle Gianni, a Roman imperial period, monumental nymphaeum located 300 meters from the western coast of Lake Bolsena in central Italy. The presence of such a structure in this region, away from any known Roman roads and outside of the territory of any Roman town, is at once puzzling and provocative. The aim of the project is to obtain as much localized data about the structure as possible, and then extend our analysis to the networks that might have led to the construction and use of such a monument. In this way, our project seeks to address both questions at the local and regional level (i.e., sources of patronage, artisanal traditions, trade networks) as well as issues of wider significance in historical perspective (ancient technology, water supply, and sacred space). We seek to answer three basic questions about this nymphaeum: who built it, how did they build it, and what was its significance within its original landscape setting? Our approach to answering these questions will involve an interdisciplinary team of art historians, archaeologists, and geographers.

Period(s) of Occupation: First century AD, Imperial Rome

Project Size: 1-24 participants

Minimum Length of Stay for Volunteers: 4 weeks

Minimum Age: 18

Experience Required: Previous archaeological experience is not required.

Room and Board Arrangements:
Please see our website:

Academic Credit:
3-6 credits

Contact Information:

Kathryn Jasper

301 Schroeder Hall, Department of History, Illinois State University





Phone: (310) 987-8096

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