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May 7, 2014

Gift Planning Ideas for Friends of AIA: Establishing a Fund to Support Archaeological Research, Education and Preservation

AIA supporters underwrite projects that include amazing discoveries, like excavations at Damnoni in Crete that have revealed a previously unknown culture. Photo by Thomas F. Strasser.

Establishing a fund is a wonderful way to link your name or someone else’s to a particular area of interest – for a year or in perpetuity.  A research fellowship, an excavation fund, a travel fund, a fund for archaeology and technology, a fund for underwater archaeology… the opportunities are vast.  The fund may be endowed, with the principle preserved in perpetuity, or the principle may be spent to meet a level of activity of the donor’s choosing.  The fund may be added to over a period of years to build up endowment while providing for current use.  Or it may be established through an estate giving instrument such as a bequest or as simply as designating the AIA as a beneficiary of your retirement funds.

The accompanying list suggests a range of opportunities. 

OpportunityMinimum for One YearMinimum Expendable FundMinimum Endowment Fund
Research Fellowship: To award an annual stipend for research in a promising area of study$10,000$20,000$100,000
Excavation Grant Fund: To award an annual grant to aid a professional archaeologist organizing an excavation$30,000$60,000$500,000
Site Preservation Grant Fund: To award an annual grant to save a threatened archaeological site$25,000$50,000$500,000
Research Travel Fund: To provide grants to scholars for travel to professional meetings or excavations$2,500$5,000$50,000
Foreign Scholars Travel Grant Fund: To enable foreign scholars to attend and give papers at the AIA Annual Meeting$2,500$5,000$50,000
Student Field School Scholarship: To enable a student to participate in his/her first archaeological field school.$1,500$7,500$40,000
Annual Meeting Session Fund: To cover the expenses of a session including travel and paper preparation. $10,000$20,000$200,000
Society Outreach Grants: To subsidize the expense of new Society outreach programs.$2,500$5,000$50,000
Archaeology Day Fund: To support programming related to International Archaeology Day$1,000$5,000$25,000
Publication Program: To provide funds for the publication of books of merit to scholars or the general public. $25,000$150,000
Endowment for the AIA: To support the operations of the AIA.$1,000$10,000$25,000
Member Services Fund: To underwrite services for AIA members.$10,000$20,000$200,000
Student Membership Fund: To establish a fund that would subsidize membership fees for students interested in archaeology.$1,000$5,000$20,000

American Journal of Archaeology

OpportunityMinimum for One YearMinimum Expendable FundMinimum Endowment Fund
Color Photograph Fund: To provide for color photographs in the AJA.$7,500$25,000$100,000
Online Content Fund: To provide additional content including videos, book and museum reviews, appendices, and more via the AJA website.$3,000$10,000$50,000
Dedication of an AJA issue: For one issue carrying the donor or someone else’s name.$25,000  
Fund for Special Topics in AJA: To subsidize the printing of suitable articles on a subject area of interest to the donor, e.g., Egypt and the Near East, sculpture, painting, ceramics, Greece and the Aegean$7,500$25,000$100,000
Editorship of the AJA: To underwrite the salary and expenses of the Editor in Chief$25,000$50,000$1 million

To learn more about how to support archaeological research and discovery, contact Elizabeth Bailey at 857-305-9357 or or visit

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