ACOR Fellow MESA Award

The American Center of Research in Amman (ACOR)

Deadline: February 15, 2022

Website: https://www.acorjordan.org/acor-fellow-mesa-award/

One award of $1,000 to a former ACOR fellow of any nationality for participation in the Middle East Studies Association (MESA) annual meeting. Eligible applicants are anyone who had previously been awarded any ACOR fellowship (including the named fellowships and former CLS students) and whose abstract has been submitted for presentation at the 2022 MESA annual meeting. The awardee must mention the award and ACOR in the text of paper, in addition to including ACOR’s logo on the “Thank You” slide. A check for $1,000 will be mailed before the meeting takes place. To apply, please submit the abstract, CV, and cover letter to fellowships@acorjordan.org by February 15, 2022. For more information about the MESA annual meeting, please check MESA’s website: https://mesana.org/annual-meeting/.

Covid-19, coronavirus variants, and similar matters should be taken into consideration by all applicants. ACOR’s covid-19 procedures (e.g., https://acorjordan.org/overview/) change from time-to-time depending on the caseload and regulations in Jordan, and as advised by the U.S. CDC and others. At this time, only fully vaccinated individuals may enter ACOR’s center or reside there. While ACOR makes diligent efforts in regard to covid-19, fellows and awardees must assume all the risks and liabilities inherent in taking up these fellowships (e.g., international travel, conducting research, working with subjects, etc.).


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