Society Awards

Foot Soldier Award

Archaeological Institute of America

2021 Foot Soldier Award Winner Paul Zimmerman

Deadline: November 29, 2022

Dedicated members who provide years of service in multiple capacities at the Local Society level are the backbone of the AIA societies. These hardworking members serve as officers and are involved in every aspect of their society, donating an incredible amount of time and expertise to keep their societies vibrant. This award recognizes these important contributions made at the local level; invaluable because without viable local societies, much of the AIA’s mission (such as our outreach to the public) would not be possible. This award is open to any AIA member of a local society who is nominated by their society.

Nomination Process

Nominations in the form of a letter detailing the nominee’s qualification can be sent to Ben Thomas.



Paul Zimmerman, New York Society


Peter Krentz, Central Carolinas Society


Nancy Winter, Santa Barbara Society


Lucinda Conger, Washington DC Society


Jesse & Naomi Taub, Long Island Society


Heather Loube, AIA Ottawa Society


Helen Brown, AIA Niagara Peninsula Society


Connie Rodriguez, AIA New Orleans Society


Meg Morden, AIA Toronto Society


Seymour Bandes, AIA Long Island Society, and Alison Futrell, AIA Tucson Society


Hélène Case, AIA Rochester Society


Fred Truckenbrodt, AIA Niagara Peninsula Society

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