Joan and Eugene Vanderpool Fellowship at the Athenian Agora

American School of Classical Studies at Athens

Deadline: May 15, 2024

Website: https://www.ascsa.edu.gr/fellowships-and-grants

The Joan and Eugene Vanderpool Fellowship at the Athenian Agora supports research on any aspect of the Athenian Agora, including history, archaeology, literature, epigraphy, architecture, art history, and biodiversity.

Eligibility: PhD holders and graduate students working on any aspect of the Athenian Agora from antiquity to the present are eligible. As noted, the fields of study may include, but are not limited to, all aspects of the history and material culture of the site. Open to all nationalities.

Terms: The School awards at least one fellowship each year. The fellowship includes a stipend of $5,000 and a waiver of membership fees for the duration of residency in Athens while working on the proposed project (a maximum of two months membership fees covered). Costs of travel, lodging, board, visas, and incidentals can be paid from the stipend. Applicants may also include costs for the photographs/photographic permission and preparation of illustrations in their budgets. Applicants should specify and justify the proposed duration of work in Athens and related costs. The award is to be used between July 1, 2024 and June 30, 2025. A final report is due at the end of the award period. The ASCSA expects that all publications that result from research conducted as a Fellow of the ASCSA acknowledge the support of the ASCSA and that copies be contributed to the appropriate library of the School and to Agora’s research library. 

The award will be announced by June 15, 2024.

Application Process

Submit an online application form for the “Joan and Eugene Vanderpool Fellowship.” An application consists of a curriculum vitae, description of the proposed project (up to 750 words), a timeline and budget of the proposed project, and two letters of reference to be submitted online. Student applicants must submit transcripts. Scans of official transcripts are acceptable.

Application Form

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