Kress Publication Fellowships

The American School of Classical Studies at Athens

Deadline: January 15, 2024

Website: https://www.ascsa.edu.gr/apply/fellowships-and-grants/postdoctoral-and-senior-scholars

The American School of Classical Studies at Athens is pleased to announce the fourth year of a five-year program of fellowships funded by the Samuel H. Kress Foundation. The Samuel H. Kress Foundation devotes its resources to advancing the history, conservation, and enjoyment of the vast heritage of European art, architecture, and archaeology from antiquity to the early 19th century.

Eligibility:  Ph.D. holders working on a publication assignment from Corinth, the Athenian Agora, Lerna, or an affiliated project of the ASCSA are eligible to apply. Current salaried employees of the School are not eligible.

Terms: The School awards up to four grants each year. Stipends are for a minimum of three months (up to $10,000) to a maximum of nine months (up to $30,000) to be used between May 1, 2024 and March 31, 2025. School fees, travel costs, housing, board, residence permits (if applicable), and other living expenses are to be paid out of the stipend by the recipient. Applicants are encouraged to include costs for the preparation of illustrations in their budgets. Fellowship stipend cannot be used toward salary replacement. A final report and budget (showing expenditure of all funds) are due at the end of the award period (no later than March 31, 2025), and the ASCSA expects that copies of all publications that result from research conducted as a Fellow of the ASCSA acknowledge the support of the ASCSA and be contributed to the Blegen Library or another relevant library of the School.


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Application Process

Submit an online application; curriculum vitae; proposal (maximum of three pages, single-spaced, including project outline, explanation of goals, statement of the significance of the project, work completed to date, schedule for completion); a budget (no more than one page); letter of support from the appropriate excavation director; and two letters of recommendation.

The award will be announced March 15.

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