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The Vera R. Campbell Promise Scholarship

The Institute for Field Research

Deadline: March 25, 2022


The Vera R. Campbell Promise Scholarship is dedicated to the support of California State University Los Angeles (CSULA) undergraduate students as well as undergraduate students with economically challenged backgrounds who were raised in Los Angeles County. Several past Vera R. Campbell Promise Scholarship awardees were the first in their families to attend a college or university and had never traveled outside California, let alone the US. This scholarship provides significant funding for selected students who preferably have not yet attended a field program and who otherwise would not have the financial means to participate in a field school. IFR’s field programs take place throughout the world and across disciplines. This scholarship provides the following benefits:

  • Direct financial support of up to $5,000 to offset the cost of attending an IFR field school.
  • Two one-on-one personalized mentorship sessions (via video conferencing) with an IFR Academic Board member prior to the field program so that you gain insight from an expert archeologist about getting the most from this field school.
  • Access to online asynchronous materials to help you get ready for and succeed in your field experience, the new location, and as a member of a group working to discover the past.
  • Post field school mentorship sessions to help you leverage this field school experience for work careers, both inside and outside academia.

Upon completion of their field programs, all scholarship awardees will be supported and mentored in preparing a short (10-15 minute) presentation about the field experience to a group of business leaders in Los Angeles. The goal is to provide students with the ability to reflect, articulate and present their field experience, to get feedback from leaders in a range of businesses, and to start forming relationships and networking with these prominent individuals.

Awardees of each annual scholarship cycle will be given the opportunity to serve as mentors for students who will come after them in future years. Our goal is to create a broad system of support for all awardees that will leverage financial, intellectual, academic and community gains to support and advance your long-term life and careers goals.

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