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May 1, 2019

Initial Slate for Election – 2020

The Nominating Committee has submitted its initial slate for election. AIA members are encouraged to submit additional suggestions for consideration by September 1, 2019. The Nominating Committee consists of Carla Antonaccio, James Jansson, Barbara Meyer, Thomas Morton, and Charles Steinmetz. Suggestions may be directed to Nominating Committee Chair, Carla Antonaccio, at

President: Three-year term (2020-2023)

Candidate: Laetitia La Follette

First Vice President: Three-year term (2020-2023)

Candidates: Elizabeth S. Greene and Thomas Tartaron

Vice President for Outreach and Education: Two-year term (2020-2022)

Candidate: Laura Rich

General Trustee Position 1: Three-year term (2020-2023)

Candidate: Deborah Arnold (renewing to term two)

General Trustee Position 2: Three-year term (2020-2023)

Candidate: Julie Herzig Desnick (renewing to term two)

General Trustee Position 3: Three-year term (2019-2021*)

Candidate: Richard MacDonald (*confirmation of prior appointment) 

General Trustee Position 4: Three-year term (2020-2023)

Candidates: Mark Hurst and Patrick Suehnholz

Academic Trustee Position 1: Three-year term (2020-2023)

Candidates: John Papadopoulos and Katherine Welch

Academic Trustee Position 2: Three-year term (2020-2023)

Candidates: Betsey Robinson and Steven Tuck


Biographical statements from each of the candidates are forthcoming. Click here for available statements.


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