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June 3, 2024

Initial Slate for Election – 2025

The Nominating Committee of the Archaeological Institute of America is charged with assembling a slate for the 2025 Governing Board Elections to take place at the Annual Meeting in January 2025. The Nominating Committee consists of Sue Alcock (Co-Chair) and Beth Greene (Co-Chair); the other members are Elie Abemayor, Deborah Arnold, Richard Leventhal, and Claire Lyons.  

The following positions on the slate have been confirmed:  

Vice President for Research and Academic Affairs: Two-year term (2025-2027)  
Candidate: Kim Shelton (renewing to term two)    

Vice President for Cultural Heritage: Two-year term (2025-2027)  
Candidate: Ömür Harmanşah (renewing to term two)    

Academic Trustee Position 1: Three-year term (2023-2026)  
Candidate: Alec Barker (confirmation of earlier appointment)  

General Trustee Position: Three-year term (2023-2026)  
Candidate: Elie Abemayor (renewing to term two)  

General Trustee Position: Three-year term (2024-2027)  
Candidate: Deborah Arnold (confirmation of earlier appointment) 

The Nominating Committee is still accepting and reviewing nominations for the following positions:  

Vice President for Societies: Two-year term (2025-2027)  

Academic Trustee (1 position to be filled): Three-year term (2023-2026)  

Society Trustee (2 positions to be filled): Three-year term (2023-2026)     

General Trustee Position (3 positions to be filled): Three-year term (2023-2026)  

AIA members are encouraged to submit names for consideration of the open positions before September 1, 2024. Please send suggestions to Sue Alcock ( and Beth Greene (, as well as to Staff Liaison Emileigh Radcliff ( With your nomination, please provide the nominee’s email address and a few sentences explaining why you think that person might make a positive contribution to the AIA’s Governing Board. The Nominating Committee will consider all suggestions in their preparation of the final ballot. Nominations do not guarantee a place on the ballot or election to the position, but we ask that you confirm that your nominee is willing to serve if selected. More information regarding the nomination process can be found here.   

We thank you for your help with the nominating process.   


Susan (Sue) Alcock and Elizabeth (Beth) Greene   
Co-Chairs, AIA Nominating Committee and  

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