Pompeii Day

Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture 2316 West 1st Avenue, Spokane, WA

Join us for a unique day of learning, entertainment and all-around family fun! Besides the chance to visit the Museum's exhibits "Pompeii the Immortal City" and "Mount St. Helen's: Critical Memory," we will be offering two 40-minute “Roman” themed lectures, small sampling of Roman foods, costumed “Roman” interpreters, and live harp music. Displays of Roman […]

Beyond the Gospels: Creating a Visual Identity for the Virgin Mary in Late Antique Egypt

2160,WRIGHT TOWN,JABALPUR, Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh

Dr. Sabrina Higgins (Simon Fraser University, B.C.) The Virgin Mary is an enigmatic Biblical figure, one who rises from relative unimportance in the canonical gospels to become one of the most prominent figures in Christianity. The theological discourse that culminated with the declaration of Mary as Theotokos (‘God bearer’) at the Council of Ephesus in […]

Pompeii on the Potomac

Spokane, WA

Constantino Brumidi’s Roman-Style Wall Paintings for the US Capitol Dr. Elise Friedland (George Washington University, D.C.) The US Capitol—America’s central federal building—echoes ancient Greece and Rome, not only in its architecture and architectural sculpture, but even in its decorative murals. This talk presents new research on the 1858 fresco cycle in the Senate wing’s Naval […]