Dr. Mark Lehner – Looking for Khufu in Heit el-Ghurab: Reporting on Ancient Egypt Research Associates’ Field Season at the Wall of the Crow

University of Washington 1911 Skagit Ln, Seattle, WA, United States

Dr. Lehner reports on the results of AERA’s excavations of the oldest phase of the 4th Dynasty settlement site Heit el-Ghurab (“Wall of the Crow”), 400 meters south of the Great Sphinx. Most of what AERA has mapped of the so-called “Workers Town” dates to the reigns of Khafre and Menkaure, builders of the second […]

Dr. Jere Bacharach – Islamic Cairo, 641-2018: the locale of power

University of Washington, Smith 211 1911 Skagit Ln., Seattle, WA, United States

Drivers headed south from Seattle can easily recognize Washington state’s capitol building in Olympia.  In contrast, New Mexico’s capitol in Santa Fe conveys no obvious symbol of political power to most visitors; it was designed to look like a Zia Pueblo Sun Symbol from above.  What geographical locations and architectural expressions were associated with the seat of […]