Experimental Pottery Firing

Archeoskanzen pod Dívčím Kemenem Třísov, Třísov, Czech Republic

Starting at 10:00 AM you can experience firing of pottery in out pottery kiln. After finishing the process we will experimentally decompose the kiln and document its condition.

Pottery Firing in the Old German Kiln Replica

Dům přírody Litovelského Pomoraví - Sluňákov Sluňákov, Sluňákov, Czech Republic

Would you like to see the process of pottery firing? Come and visit us! Our archaeologist Filip Šrámek will tell you more about pottery production, kilns construction and use.

Beyond the Borders of Classical World. Long Journey of Imported Objects

Nová budova NM Vinohraddská 1, Praha 1, Czech Republic

The lecture of an archaeologist Viktoria Čisťakova accompanies the exhibition "The Celts". Viktoria is going to talk about large number of various imported objects. Czech territory in the prehistory communicated with the Mediterranean and we can trace this relations with archaeological methods.

International Archaeology Day

Karolinum Celetná 20, Praha 1, Czech Republic

Archaeological department of the National Museum will offer to the public a rich programme full of activities and information about archaeology, archaeologists, their work and results. Kids as well as adults will enjoy thematic games, replicas, quizzes, talks and will learn by doing and living like the ancients. Come and join us to celebrate International Archaeology […]

A Journey to Prehistory by a Museobus

Kadaň a Březno u Loun Coach station Kadaň, Kadaň, Czech Republic

enjoy a bus trip to the archeological park in Březno by Louny. You will experience lecture and movie about the Bronze age, bronze working, bronze age burial and many other.

Medieval Autumn Fest in Liboc

Archeologický park Liboc V domcích 29, Praha 6, Czech Republic

Archaia o.s. - archaeological unit invites you to celebrate the gifts of autumn with them during the Medieval Autumn Fest in archaeological park in Prague, Liboc. You will meet medieval craftsmen, knights, dancers and singers and you can taste some drinks and food as well. Besides you will learn about everyday lives of our ancestors.

Afternoon in Prehistory

Muzeum regionu Boskovicka Hradní 1, Boskovice, Czech Republic

Come to the Museum of Boskovice Region and enjoy with us the afternoon in prehistory. You can couch and try prehistoric tools and weapons, taste some really old food and try many old old activities.

Curator’s Tour No. 1 – Exhibition “The Celts”

Nová budova NM Vinohraddská 1, Praha 1, Czech Republic

Curator and one of the author of the successful exhibition The Celts inn the National Museum Viktoria Čisťakova will guide you through the exhibition and will show you the most interesting exhibits and surprising facts from the time whan the Celts ruled the Czech Lands.

The Celts in the Ancient World

Nová budova NM Vinohraddská 1, Praha 1, Czech Republic

It is well known fact that populations called as the Celts inhabited Central and Western  Europe as far as the British isles. Not many know that Celts made also military excursion toward the classical Mediterranean and shaked the local structures. Archaeologist Pavel Titz will take you to the Apenine peninsula, Balkans and the Asia Minor to look […]

IAD in the National Museum in Prague (Czech Republic)

New Building of the National Museum Vinohradská 1, Praha 1, Czech Republic

Enjoy the entire day with our archaeologists and experience archaeology. Besides the guided tours in our great "The Celts" exhibition, enthusiasts of all ages can put their hands on selected artifacts, replicas, and can talk to many specialists about their interests.