According to Hippocrates: A Medical Icon and the Ethics of Authority

Willamette University College of Law 245 Winter Street SE, Salem, OR

2nd Annual E. John and Cleo A. Rumpakis Lecture with Dr. Eric Nelson, Professor Emeritus, Dept. of Classics, Pacific Lutheran University Hippocrates of Cos (c. 460-380 BCE) has been an iconic doctor and a figure of authority in a wide variety of contexts for nearly 2300 years. When, how, and why did this well-known physician […]

Were Bronze Age Anatolian Sun-goddesses the Ancestors of Hecate?

Willamette University College of Law, John C. Paulus Lecture Hall 245 Winter Street SE, Salem, OR

Mary Bachvarova Professor, Dept. of Classical Studies, Willamette University In Classical and Hellenistic Greece Hecate was renowned as a witch and moon goddess, but her origins remain a mystery, especially since her earliest mentions in literature and archaeological finds seem to describe a very different personality: a city goddess of Miletus, amenable to prayer (Hesiod's┬áTheogony), […]