Louisiana Archaeology Talks

Capitol Park Museum 660 N 4th St, Baton Rouge, LA, United States

Louisiana Archaeology Talks is a free event featuring talks and exhibits by five archaeologists from across Louisiana. Each speaker will focus on a particular area of interest, including the first Acadians (Nouvelle Acadie), the Caddo, Marksville, Poverty Point, and Storyville, and will bring artifacts and books to exhibit during their talk. Speakers include Dr. Diana Greenlee, […]

Living in the Past

Capitol Park Museum 660 N 4th St, Baton Rouge, LA, United States

Our "Living in the Past" event is a free event for the general public which highlights ancient technologies, including pottery making, flint knapping, and atlatl throwing. Children will have the opportunity to make their own pottery using ancient methods, throw an atlatl, and practice their excavation skills using our dig boxes. 

Marsden Mounds Clean-up

Poverty Point Reservoir 1500 Poverty Point Pkwy, Delhi, LA, United States

Located at the Poverty Point Reservoir in Delhi, LA, the Marsden Mounds consist of a group of five mounds and parts of an earthen embankment. The site dates to the Troyville/Coles Creek periods (AD 400 - 1200). The largest mound (E) sits adjacent to a viewing platform. However, the mound is overgrown and not easily recognizable. […]