Wicked Awesome Rocks: Investigating the use of stone tools with microwear analysis – What are stone tools used for?

Heather Rockwell, Assistant Professor of Cultural and Historic Preservation, Salve Regina University, This might seem like a question with an obvious answer, but it is one that archaeologists have puzzled for centuries. This presentation will discuss one method of determining how stone tools were used, use-wear analysis. I will first cover a brief history of […]

Formulating a Thesis: Yellowstone Obsidian Movement Through Time

Since my time in SCRAP, I've followed the path of a few former SCRAPers and made my way to the University of Wyoming. My main goal with this presentation is to let everyone who has helped me get here know what I've been up to. Currently, my thesis work is just at the ground level, […]

North Carolina Archeology: A Taste of 1800s Wilmington

Jon Schleifer Executive Director, Public Archaeology Corps & Doug Dickenson, SCRAP volunteer A short video detailing PAC's excavation of a mid-1800s warehouse in downtown Wilmington, NC. The video will include footage of our active excavation, plus some of the artifacts that we've recovered so far. We'll also describe the warehouse, the site, and our ideas […]

The Mount Holly Mammoth and its Implications for Human/Megafaunal Interactions in the Northeast,

Nathaniel Kitchell, Robert A. 1925 and Catherine L. McKennan Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Anthropology, Dartmouth College At the end of the last Ice Age in what is now called North America many species of large animals (megafauna), including mammoths and mastodons went extinct. In western regions early human groups and megafauna clearly overlapped in time […]

Hawaiian Archaeology, pre-recorded presentation, with live Intro and Q & A

Thomas Martel III, B.A. Archaeologist, Project Supervisor Cultural Surveys Hawaii; NH SCRAP Volunteer; MHA Volunteer, Tom will share a video presentation on Hawaiian archaeology, with a brief comparison to NH (or Northern New England) archaeology, followed by a Q and A. Zoom link

“Legacy Collections” or archaeological materials

Hannah Dutton, Teaching Lecturer at Plymouth State University "Legacy Collections" or archaeological materials collected in the past that do not meet modern "best practice" curation techniques have been underestimated by many different institutions. This presentation will discuss the merits of revisiting these collections to gain new understandings of archaeological sites. Two cases of legacy collection […]

Where the Watersheds Meet: Archaeology Survey in Southwestern New Hampshire Ellery Dowd, Benjamin Heaney, and Robert Goodby

More than 40 years ago, Dean Snow argued that Native Americans in New England interacted more within major river drainages than between them so that river drainages became “geographic containers” while the areas separating drainages were remote boundary lands. The campus of Franklin Pierce University straddles the divide between the Merrimack and Connecticut River drainages […]

NH SCRAP Discoveries — Summer of 2021 – NH Archeology Month

This presentation will summarize recent archaeological work at Pillsbury and Bear Brook State Parks as well as detailed plans for upcoming investigations. Further discussion will focus on the value of converting archeological data into interpretive programming to further enhance the public’s knowledge of, interest in, and appreciation for, New Hampshire’s archeology. REGISTER: