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Graduate Student Membership

This one-year membership is intended for graduate students in the field of archaeology or a related discipline. Your membership will automatically be renewed annually unless you opt out after checkout and includes:

If you wish to receive Archaeology magazine in print format, there is an additional cost of $10. If you wish to receive the American Journal of Archaeology in the combination (print + digital) format, there is an additional cost of $65. If you live internationally and would like to receive the print format of our publications, there is an international shipping cost of $15 for Archaeology magazine, $40 for the American Journal of Archaeology, and $55 for both Archaeology magazine and the American Journal of Archaeology.

You must provide proof of current graduate student status at the time of registration. In the Proof of Status box, please indicate the school you are attending, the location of the school, the department with which you are affiliated, and your anticipated year of graduation.

Any membership portion of your annual membership is tax-deductible to the extent provided by law. Publications are not tax-deductible as contributions but may be deductible as an ordinary and necessary business expense. For determining your deductible amount ARCHAEOLOGY magazine (print or digital format) is valued at $18 USD per year, the American Journal of Archaeology (digital format) is valued at $80 USD per year, and the American Journal of Archaeology (digital + print format) is valued at $105 USD per year.


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