Confidential Report on Candidate

Confidential Report on Candidate

Please fill out a separate form for each fellowship that the applicant is applying for. Thank you.
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  • Please provide information concerning (a) the significance of the proposed research for the field (b) the ability of the applicant to carry out that research, and (c) the applicant’s character, tastes, perceptiveness, ability and originality. We shall be grateful to you for a full and frank statement, mentioning what opportunities you have had to know the candidate. How does the applicant compare to other students you have taught?” Any reply you make will be held in strictest confidence. For the application to be considered your report must be received by November 1 for the Olivia James Fellowship, The Archaeology of Portugal Award, and the Harriet & Leon Pomerance Fellowship, by November 1 or March 1 for the Samuel H. Kress Grants for Research and Publication in Classical Art and Architecture, and by January 15 for the Anna C. and Oliver C. Colburn Fellowship. Please note the geographical areas for each fellowship. If the applicant’s proposed plan of study falls outside the geographical restrictions for the fellowship, please contact the applicant to discuss bringing their plan into compliance before submitting your recommendation.
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