Publication Subvention Grant Application

There are two forms required for the AIA Publication Subvention Grant Application. Form I is to completed by the author and contain basic contact information and the author’s CV. Form II is to be completed by the Publisher of the book. Form II contains numerous fields on the technical specification and production of the publication and allows for the upload of PDF files of required samples and reports. For full details, please review the list of required information for each form below.

Guidelines for Submissions

Applications are judged on the basis of merit and need for financial assistance. In general, the purpose of the grant is to support authors and presses in the publication of books of the highest scholarly and intellectual merit that cannot be anticipated to generate adequate return. The selection committee is particularly sympathetic to applications that propose the work of a first time author, represent the publication of final reports of primary data from sites already excavated or surveyed, but are still unpublished, and the enhancement of the visual component of the study through the inclusion of color plates or an expanded component of black-and-white illustrations that would, without subsidy, not be possible. Expenses generated by exceptional design requirements (maps, line drawings, charts, and tables) are also suitable for consideration. Permission and rental fees/reproduction rights, especially in cases where they are burdensome, are also appropriate.

Deadline for submission of all completed forms is March 1.

The letter of nomination by the publisher should summarize the significance of the work, state the specific sum of money being requested, and explain exactly how the grant is to be used. A sample section of the book (ca. 25 pages) and sample illustrations (ca. 10) should also accompany the application. Supporting materials should include all reviews of the manuscript that have been submitted to the publisher, and the response made by the author to the reviews. All of these must be submitted in PDF format through Form II of the application.

Readers’ reports, which are of considerable significance for the Committee’s evaluations, should be signed and dated and will be treated with full confidentiality. The reports should be recent in date (no more than three years old) and should not be simply endorsements of the project. The Publications Subvention Committee does not admit reports written by the author’s dissertation adviser or other interested parties, such as a series editor.

The grant sum is intended to be less than the total cost of production; a substantial portion of production costs must be met by the publisher or be from other sources. The overhead costs of a parent organization, such as a university, or office of a university, may not be included in the budget, and AIA Publications Subvention monies may not be used for such costs.

Please note that all submissions must abide by the AIA Publications Policy.

Checklist for Applicants

Form I (Author Contact and CV)

  • Author contact information (Home and Business)
  • General Publication Information (Title, purpose, geographic focus, word count)
  • Table of Contents
  • Publisher Information
  • Required Waiver
  • Education Information
  • Employment History
  • Primary Research Areas
  • Select Publications
  • Scholarly Papers
  • AIA Membership Number

Form II (Publication Details)

  • Series Information (if applicable)
  • Technical Data
  • Illustration Information
  • Reproduction Processes
  • Binding
  • Print Run
  • Sales Projection
  • Royalty Agreements
  • Pricing
  • Copublishers
  • Other Funding Sources
  • Subvention Purpose and Amount Requested
  • Readers’ Reports Names and Addresses
  • Publisher Statement of Agreement
  • Letter of Nomination from the Publisher
  • Sample Section of Book (ca. 25 pages)
  • Sample Illustrations (ca. 10)
  • Two or More Readers’ Reports
  • Author’s Response to Readers’ Reports

Please note that all files must be in PDF format when they are uploaded. The forms can be accessed multiple times to upload the files. Please contact the AIA Fellowship Coordinator at with any questions. For additional information, please review the Guidelines for Submissions below.

Publication Subvention Grant Application Forms

  • Form I (to be completed by Primary Author)
  • Form II (to be completed by Publisher)

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