ArchaeoCon Online in 2022

Join the Archaeological Institute of America for ArchaeoCon 2022, offered virtually this year on Saturday, March 5! ArchaeoCon is a day of archaeological presentations, hands-on workshops, and exclusive specially curated on-demand activities and interviews that showcase archaeology.

Come to ArchaeoCon 2022 to listen to and interact with archaeology, meet archaeologists, and learn about the AIA. After a succesful transition online last year, ArchaeoCon will continue to be accessible to participants around the globe—join us from home for an unforgettable online experience that will take you on a trip around the world!

ArchaeoCon 2022 Accessibility Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

ArchaeoCon is a great opportunity for members of the public to learn about archaeology and archaeologists in an informal setting. It is also an opportunity for people to learn about the AIA and its programs as well as local archaeological groups.

Schedule of Events:
(All times listed in Eastern Time)

12:00 pm ET
ArchaeoCon Welcome and Orientation

1:00 pm ET
Heather Hurst: The Murals of San Bartolo: A Maya Masterpiece in Pieces

2:30 pm ET
Ilaria Patania: Eating at the Table of an Ancient Roman: Make Your Own Ancient Roman Bread from Pompeii 

6:45 pm ET
Log in to Zoom early to view Pompeii bread photos from participants!

7:00 pm ET
James Delgado: Behind the Scenes with National Geographic International’s Number One Maritime Archaeology Show, “Drain the Oceans”

On-demand content includes exclusive interviews with Kara Cooney and Debby Sneed, trivia games, image galleries, and more.

ArchaeoCon 2022 Presenters:

Kathlyn (Kara) Cooney, professor of Egyptian Art and Architecture at UCLA, is an expert on funerary and burial practices in ancient Egypt. Her work on coffin reuse has taken her around the world over ten years to study more than 300 coffins in collections around the world, including Cairo, London, Paris, Berlin, and Vatican City.

James Delgado is the world’s best known maritime archaeologist and has worked on over a hundred shipwrecks. Jim has been the series advisor and a frequent guest on National Geographic’s “Drain the Oceans” since it began airing several years ago. He is less known for his carefully selected moments when he sings for audiences, including a one-night performance as a wedding singer in Turkey.

Heather Hurst, an award-winning archaeologist and archaeological illustrator, is an expert on ancient Maya wall paintings and director of the San Bartolo-Xultun Archaeology Project. Her work has required many months (cumulatively, years!) in excavation tunnels deep beneath pyramids to document murals buried by the ancient Maya in Guatemala and perched high atop scaffolding to illustrate cave paintings in Mexico.

Ilaria Patania is a postdoctoral researcher at Washington University. As a geoarchaeologist, Patania specializes in applying geological techniques to archaeology at different scales: from landscapes to microscopic components of sites. Her work has taken her all around the world, to study the “dirt” of everywhere from China to the USA, and from Tanzania to France, at sites of all ages.

Debby Sneed is a lecturer in Classics at California State University, Long Beach. Her work is primarily focused on the lives of physically disabled people in Greece in the 6th through 4th centuries BCE. She is currently in residence at the American School of Classical Studies at Athens, where she is writing her first book.

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