Tools & Technology

2021 IAD Scavenger Hunt

IAD Scavenger Hunt 2021 – Week 2

The tools and technology we use has set humans apart and propelled us forward for thousands of years!

Meet our collaborators:

Rhode Island Historical Society
The RIHS holds the largest and most important historical collections relating to Rhode Island. Founded in 1822, it is the fourth-oldest state historical society in the United States.

South Carolina Department of Natural Resources’ Heritage Trust Program
The Heritage Trust Program was created to conserve those natural features and cultural resources that are quickly disappearing as South Carolina’s population increases in size.

University of Iowa Office of the State Archaeologist
The OSA is an organized research unit of the University of Iowa established in 1959. The mission of the Office of the State Archaeologist is to develop, disseminate, and preserve knowledge of Iowa’s human past through Midwestern and Plains archaeological research, scientific discovery, public stewardship, service, and education.

This week’s hunt is over.