AIA Archaeology Hour

AIA Archaeology Hours returns in September 2023! Each presentation will be given at 8pm Eastern/7pm Central/6pm Mountain/5pm Pacific.

2023-2024 Lectures

September 27, 2023Elise A. Friedland

Classical Washington: Greece & Rome in the Art and Architecture of DC

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October 18, 2023Anne Austin

Ancient Ink: Discovering the Tattooed Women of Ancient Egypt

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November 15, 2023Katherine L. Chiou

Cuisine and Crisis: An Edible History of the Moche of Ancient Peru

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January 24, 2024 – Jeff Altschul

Cultural Resource Management: What Most Archaeologists Do For a Living

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February 28, 2024 – Nam C. Kim

“Barbarians,” Bronzes, and the Legendary Capital of Ancient Vietnam

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March 27, 2024 – Kisha Supernant

Finding the Children: Using Archaeology to Search for Unmarked Graves at Indian Residential School Sites in Canada

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April 17, 2024Deborah Carlson

Excavating a Shipwrecked Marble Column Destined for the Temple of Apollo at Claros

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2022-2023 Archaeology Hour Lectures

In the past we have also done a lecture series called Archaeology Abridged. These lectures can also be found on our YouTube channel.

Krish Seetah

New Approaches to the Archaeology of Disease: Climate, Imperialism, and Malaria in the Indian Ocean

Watch the recording of Krish’s talk on the AIA’s YouTube channel.

Alaka Wali

Inclusive Museum Narratives: Contextualizing Collections through Collaboration

Watch the recording of Alaka’s talk on the AIA’s YouTube channel.

Tess Davis

Blood Antiquities: Tomb Raiders, Art Smugglers, and the Black Market in Cultural Treasures

Watch the recording of Tess’ talk on the AIA’s YouTube channel.

Kara Cooney

The Good Kings: Absolute Power in Ancient Egypt and the Modern World

Watch the recording of Kara’s talk on the AIA’s YouTube channel.

Joan Connelly

A Maritime Small World in Western Cyprus: Yeronisos Island, Maniki Harbor, and Cape Drepanum

Watch the recording of Joan’s talk on the AIA’s YouTube channel.

David Carballo

Collision of Worlds: An Archaeological Perspective on the Spanish Invasion of Aztec Mexico

Watch the recording of David’s talk on the AIA’s YouTube channel.

Sara Gonzalez

With, For, and By: Doing Archaeology in a Grand Ronde Way

Watch the recording of Sara’s talk on the AIA’s YouTube channel.

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