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Now Societies can use a helpful self-assessment tool that enables them to both measure their growth and discover the realistic solutions that may be necessary to improve the health of their Societies. This assessment tool will give each Society a chance to compare themselves to the ideal benchmarks that are characteristic of the AIA’s most successful Societies. It also provides concrete examples to help enact these improvement strategies.

The AIA is very aware that all Societies are different and operational circumstance will vary widely. However, after evaluating local AIA Societies and consulting with many Society Officers, the AIA feels that there are certain structural and organizational markers of a healthy Society that can be easily replicated elsewhere. Therefore, it is hoped that this tool will not only prove to be aspirational but to also provide Societies the chance to not just meet minimum standards but even to surpass them when possible.

In the future, the Societies Committee will use this tool and its performance indicators to both evaluate the robustness of individual local societies and to provide positive feedback to help them achieve their goals. Answers should be submitted by Mar 1 so that the AIA can evaluate the answers and respond to individual questions before the next year’s lecture series.

Each assessment will be reviewed upon receipt. The Societies Committee will tabulate the results and make the information available to the Societies and the AIA Governing Board. Moreover, points of contact will be provided by the Societies Committee to any societies desiring mentoring. Each contact will provide feedback on any specific issues. If desired, contacts can also provide ongoing guidance and support to any societies during the whole academic year.

Please note, a comments area is provided at the end of the form. Please also make any comments about an individual question within the section or the section overall. If you feel that your Society fits under multiple responses, please pick the one that sounds the most like your Society and include an explanatory comment with any questions you might have.

Five Societies that fill out the assessment by Monday, April 1, 2024, will be randomly selected to receive one complimentary AIA Supporting membership to award one prospective new member of their choosing.

Society Self-Assessment

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