Society Assessment

The evaluation chart presented below is the result of an effort undertaken by the Societies Committee to create an inspirational assessment tool that enables societies to measure growth and to introduce changes or improvements that further progress and are realistic within the scope of small volunteer-based organizations.  The assessment tool includes minimum standards as well as ideal benchmarks for AIA Local Societies and provides concrete examples for improvements.  In addition, the Societies Committee will be able to use this tool and the performance indicators to evaluate the robustness of individual local societies.

Standards were set and recommendations made keeping in mind that that Societies are different and the contexts in which they operate vary tremendously. However, after evaluating the AIA Local Societies and consulting with many Society Officers we feel that there are certain minimum levels that are warranted for a healthy Society.  We hope that the tool will prove to be aspirational and encourage Societies to meet and surpass the minimum standards when possible.

Please note, we have provided a comments area at the end of each section.  You are welcome to make comments about an individual question within the section or the section overall.  If you feel that your society fits under multiple responses, please pick the one that sounds the most like your society and feel free to include a comment.

  • Governance/Administration

  • Audience

  • Activities/Programs

  • Please list any society programs besides lectures offered in the past year (i.e. events, outreach programs, scholarship funds, etc.).
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