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April 26, 2022

Rockford Society – We’re Back!

After difficult two years, the Rockford Society recently returned to in-person lectures and events. Sherrilyn Martin, the Secretary and Program Coordinator for the Rockford Society, shares an update with us below.

“No dinners with speakers! No hot cider and doughnuts after the talks! Although successfully weathering the pandemic with Zoom lectures, the Society missed the social interaction with guest speakers. By preference of the board members and most lecturers, we have returned this spring to in-person talks. The Society annually schedules a minimum of five lectures, three of which are arranged and funded locally in addition to our two National Lecture Program lectures.

Last year, the Society established a coordination with the education department of Rockford University to offer professional development (PD) credits for certification to any public or private school teachers who attend our lectures. This not only has expanded our presence in the community, but also provided a valuable service to local educators.”

Thank you to Sherrilyn for sharing this update from Rockford. It’s great to hear they’ve been able to safely and smoothly return to in-person programming!

The Grave of James Henry Breasted, Greenwood Cemetery, Rockford, Illinois
A visit to the grave of Rockford native James Henry Breasted is a special feature of all visits to the Rockford Society. One lecture per year is named in honor of Breasted.

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