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September 3, 2014

Society Outreach Grant Program Campaign

Lubbock, TX Classics Day 2010

The Archaeological Institute of America has launched an $11,000 campaign on the popular crowdfunding site Indiegogo to build support for the AIA Society Outreach Grant Program. The Society Outreach Grant Program encourages the over 110 AIA Local Societies in the US, Canada and abroad to plan and implement outreach activities in their local communities. The Society Outreach Grant Program Campaign directly supports these efforts. 

From September 3rd until October 1st, you have the chance to help AIA Local Societies bring unique archaeological programming to life. So please visit our campaign page today and make a gift. Sharing the campaign with friends and colleagues on social media and by word of mouth are other great ways to generate enthusiasm, so please share our campaign with all of the archaeology lovers you know.

Thank You For Your Support!

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