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June 1, 2017

Spring 2017 Society Outreach Grant Winners

Central Arizona: Fall Forum in Classics

Central Arizona Society will receive funding for their Fall Forum in Classics event at Arizona State University. The forum brings to campus over two hundred local middle and high school students for a day full of games, lectures, and arts-and-crafts with a Classical theme.

Central Carolinas: Exploring the Past Coloring Book

The Central Carolinas Society will work with the Exploring Joara Foundation to develop an educational coloring book to be used at several local outreach events. The book will highlight the history and the discoveries at Joara, a local site and Native American town that was later settled by Spanish explorers 40 years before Jamestown in Virginia. The coloring book will feature maps, artifacts, and illustrations of Native and Spanish culture at the site.

Dallas: Dig, Explore, Discover, Learn!

The Dallas Society is planning their first archaeology fair with hands-on activities including making replica ancient Greek coins, Near Eastern cylinder seals, a shoebox dig, an Egyptian mummy, and ancient papyrus paper. The Dallas Society will provide the materials, and all participants will take home both their creations and a better understanding of complex ancient cultures and peoples.

Cincinnati: Archaeology Fair

Locals from the greater Cincinnati area will gather to participate in around 20 exhibits and presentations at the Cincinnati Society’s sixth annual archaeology fair. With each exhibit featuring interactive elements in subjects such as pot-throwing, archaeological excavation techniques, ancient languages and myths, and local Cincinnati history, the goal is to encourage people of all ages to learn about archaeology and cultural opportunities in the area.  For their 2017 fair, the society is adding tours of the Cincinnati Art Museum galleries led by University of Cincinnati graduate students.

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