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August 2, 2021

Spring 2021 Society Outreach Grant Winners

Nashville: Polychromy at the Parthenon

The Nashville Society will develop interpretive programming, including creating an Art Cart and a Zoom presentation, that introduce polychromy to visitors at the Nashville Parthenon in Centennial Park in order to promote public understanding and appreciation of a colorful ancient world and share how archaeologists study ancient color. The Art Cart will allow participants to explore color on ancient Greek temples with signage and stories and will provide take-home resources and in-gallery learning experiences, including coloring pages and talks using ceramic vessels.  A fall 2021 Zoom virtual program of a drawing and coloring activity for families is also planned to focus on polychromy at the Parthenon and will be led by two museum staff members.

Tallahassee: Roman Archaeology for the Lighthouse of the Big Bend

The Tallahassee Society will again participate in the Lighting the Way to Archaeology, an annual International Archaeology Day outreach event for children with visual disabilities at the Lighthouse of the Big Bend. With the help of a Society Outreach Grant they will add a new component this year giving students tactile experiences working with clay and 3-d printing to study pottery and other artifacts from ancient Italy. Volunteers for the event include society members and classics majors from the national honor society Eta Sigma Phi at Florida State University who will interact with the kids to teach them about Roman archaeology and the Latin language through hands-on experience and mini-lectures.

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