June 1, 2014

The 2014 Season

The Circular Building at the Western end of the Cromlech Tumulus

The excavations starting in 2014 will begin work on the circular structure at the western end of the site. We are confident that as soon as the overlying turf is removed a tremendously impressive building will be revealed and we are very keen to try and determine its exact date and function. However a second aspect of this year’s excavation is just as important, which is to determine if there really is a primary long mound underlying this circular structure or if the apparent mound is simply a creation of the decay and collapse of the adjacent structures that form the more visible elements of the site at present. Once work has been completed on this end of the site, which may well take two full seasons, we intend to examine the structures that lie to the east. In total the site is expected to take between three and four years to fully examine. In addition to working on the main parts of the site we are also intending to excavate a series of smaller trenches over the ‘Danish Ditch’ in order to properly understand its course and scale. We are far from certain what the excavations will reveal the site to be, but getting the chance to work on such an enthralling monument is rare opportunity indeed, and attempting to resolve a mystery that has confounded so many of the great names in Irish Archaeology is a fantastic added bonus. At present we still have a few spaces available during the second half of the summer so it is not yet too late for students to join the 2014 excavations.

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