The First Peoples of the Northeast

Acton Memorial Library 486 Main Street, Acton, MA

David DeMello, Museum Director, Robbins Museum of Archaeology, speaks about the journey of the First People in the Northeast as interpreted from the archaeological record. We follow them as they adapt their lifestyles to the changing environment, starting with the last glaciation and continuing to the contact period.

Book Discussion: Atlas of a Lost World

Acton Memorial Library 486 Main Street, Acton, MA

In his vivid travelogue through prehistory, author Craig Childs traces the arrivals of North America's first peoples and the artifacts that tell of their lives and fates. Part adventurer, part archaeologist, Childs visits various sites and connects what has been found at each to theories about how people first arrived there. Copies of the book […]

Archaeology West of Boston

Acton Memorial Library 486 Main Street, Acton, MA

Tonya Largy, Past President of the Massachusetts Archaeological Society and Wayland resident, will discuss several interesting archaeological projects carried out in our locality, where Native Americans have lived and prospered for over 10,000 years. She will discuss how archaeologists learn from several lines of evidence, including stone tools, ceramics, and the remains of animals and […]