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January 21, 2022

Williamsburg Society wins 2022 Lecture Flyer Award

At this year’s Society Sunday event held on January 2, the Williamsburg Society was honored with the 2022 Lecture Flyer Award. As we hear from Jessica Paga, President of the Williamsburg Society, an eye-catching flyer can be a useful tool to attract attendees and make the lecture seem accessible and inviting. Continue reading her words below to learn more about how the Society transitioned to virtual lectures and created such a beautiful flyer.

“When the pandemic set in, the Williamsburg Society, like many, moved all AIA national lectures to Zoom. We were nervous about attendance, technology issues, “zoom bombers,” and all the other things that could go wrong. But instead, we were delightfully surprised by staggering numbers (over 100 people tuned in for Dr. Becker’s lecture on Roman pigments!), everyone’s patience and growing facility with Zoom tools, and the dynamism that our speaker’s brought, filling the virtual room with their enthusiasm. 

In order to make sure everyone understood how to join our lectures, we wanted to make the flyers as clear as possible, while still being eye-catching. Dr. Becker’s focus on pigments gave us an excellent opportunity to showcase a vibrant fresco alongside pots of colors, a clear visual complement to the title of her lecture. The result was a clear but beautiful poster, and one that helped us bring in a large audience.

Moving into 2021-2022, we are thankful to return to in-person lectures and events. In October, we participated in International Archaeology Day with a robust line-up of events, including graduate student lightning talks, a book talk by Dr. Molly Swetnam-Burland, and a fun film screening with our local Classics Club. We welcomed Dr. Joanne Murphy in the fall and look forward to hearing from Dr. Sarah Symons this spring.” 

As you can see from an image of the beautiful flyer above, congratulations are well deserved by the Williamsburg Society! Thank you to Jessica for sharing more about what went into creating the flyer and how things have been going for Williamsburg over the last year!

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