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November 16, 2016

A Trip to Khanis with Let us Save What Remains

Before hitting the road at Mazi Mall - Near Water (Photo Courtesy of Let us Save What Remains, Waad)

On the International Archaeology Day the Let us Save What Remains group hosted a trip to the remains of the ancient Assyrian site of Khenis, located in the province of Duhok, in Kurdistan, Iraq.  The invitation was opened to anyone who was interested in joining, a bus and a minivan was provided to pick the participants there from Duhok Mazi Mall on Saturday, October the 15th.

The program included a variety of activities, the group encouraged those who are interested in photography to bring their own cameras to take photos for “The Best Khenis Photography.”  Contestants published their photos on the group’s Facebook page, and a vote determined the winner.

Then there was a tour and short hike around the remains, as Khenis is situated in a valley with a lovely pure stream and overlooked by a chain of mountains. The site features several statues and sculptures, as well as a number of caves on the mountainside. The carvings show images of King Sanharib, the winged bull Lamassu, and other figures that tell the story of the canal system.

The group then held a barbecue with DJ Johnny Chief. They enjoyed a meal beside the water with music. All participants brought one favorite dish to share!

The day ended with a fun historical Q & A activity held after the meal.

Let us Save what Remains was the first group in their region to celebrate International Archaeology Day and they are very proud of that fact!


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